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Sushi Grade Salmon Trio

Salmon Tasting Box

Discover your favorite sushi grade salmon from three of our best-sellers!


Availability: In stock

Availability: In stock

Our Salmon Sampler Box is a delicious way to taste three selections of sushi grade salmon side by side and determine your favorite! Where and how the salmon are harvested affect their fat content, which lends to their texture and mouthfeel. Flavor will also vary slightly. For the best experience, we suggest trying all three salmons together – first as sashimi or nigiri sushi, then cooked if you like. (Defrosted fish should be eaten raw same day and may be refrigerated up to two days before being cooked.) We think you’ll enjoy all three salmons, but will be intrigued and pleasantly surprised by how different they are from one another!
  • Canadian SalmonAtlantic salmon from the clear, cold waters of British Columbia. Moderately fatty texture with a mild flavor. Budget friendly. We suggest this as your first tasting bite.
  • Faroe Islands Salmon – North Atlantic salmon from the Arctic-cold waters below Iceland. Melt-in-your mouth texture and flawless, rich  flavor. A great value. We suggest this as your second taster.
  • Mt Cook Alpine Salmon – Premium freshwater King salmon raised in the swift, cold currents of New Zealand’s Southern Alps. Impeccable, with fine marbling, a silky texture, and slightly sweet, pristine flavor. As it’s the most splurge-worthy of the bunch, reserve it for the end of your tasting sequence!
Featuring 6 pounds of the highest quality salmon in 1 lb frozen center cut portions, our Salmon Tasting Box will provide multiple meals for a couple or family. It also serves as a great excuse to throw a “salmon tasting” dinner party! Especially when you consider how much it costs to go out to dinner these days! Not to mention, if you’re looking for a way to add more Omega 3s to your diet this is the box for you!