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Abalone tenderized steaks in packages

Abalone Steaks, Tenderized

Professionally tenderized, ready to prepare upon arrival


Availability: In stock

Availability: In stock

Our frozen wild abalone meat comes from Baja California. The co-ops we work with receive exclusive rights to harvest abalone per a designated area, and adhere to an annual quota. Abalone steaks are shipped ready to prepare having already been trimmed, sliced, pounded, vacuum packed and frozen.  These come about 5-6 pieces to a pound. The abalone are professionally tenderized on-site, there is no need to tenderize further as this will cause breakage. Any seasoning should be used very lightly as to not over-power the delicate and sweet flavor of the abalone. This product cooks very quickly and should be served promptly after cooking. If many portions are to be cooked, it is advisable to have more than one skillet heated and ready for cooking or the abalone should be cooked to order. Always pre-heat the skillet and cook on high/med high heat. Wipe the skillet clean with a towel between batches if butter or oil begins to scorch. Serve immediately or place on warming tray for no more than five minutes. Thawing: place the vacuum packed abalone steak under cold running water for about 2 minutes. Removes the steak (OK if still slightly frozen) from the vacuum pack and proceed.