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Seaweed Salad (Goma Wakame)

A perfect side dish for sushi that's all-natural, kosher, gluten free and vegetarian


New and improved! The two major components of this delicious, traditional favorite are the quality of the seaweed and the style of the seasoning. It is the perfect side dish to go with other sushi items. It is also fantastic when blended together with our calamari salad. Kosher certified, all natural, vegetarian and gluten free, our seaweed salad is a product of Azuma Foods and originates in the U.S. Ingredients: Seaweed, sesame seed, sugar, vinegar, sesame oil, kikurage mushroom, salt, red pepper, cultured dextrose, red cabbage juice, turmeric, saffron, sodium bicarbonate, glycerin.

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