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Ikura sushi

Ikura Salmon Roe Caviar

Larger-sized Alaskan salmon roe prized by caviar lovers around the world


These lightly salted salmon eggs, known as ikura, are harvested from wild Alaskan salmon. In the cold pristine waters of Alaska, fish develop naturally with a superior flavor and texture. This results in top quality fish eggs that are used to make caviar and other roe products prized the world over. Eating ikura is as fun as it is delicious as the little, bright orange balls start out soft on the tongue before releasing their “pop” of salty-sweet ocean liqueur. Ikura is especially popular in sushi bars, where it is often served with rice, plainly or rolled in nori. You’ll also often see it paired with uni and oysters in a combo known as the ‘honeymoon special’. Product of USA. Certified Kosher.

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