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Make Sushi at Home!

At customers can buy home sushi making kits online that can transform anyone into a master sushi chef. We also offer a wide range of the highest quality seafood. Product like swordfish, grouper, rockfish, snapper, halibut, and sea bass can be purchased online. With boats bringing fresh fish to our wholesale seafood market every day, we can guarantee the best seafood available online.

Some of our most popular fish are tuna maguro sushi, yellowtail hamachi sushi, sushi grade salmon sake, and even sea urchin uni sushi.

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We're Divers First...

Our founder and owner Dave Rudie spent his days in the 1970's diving for sea urchins and seaweeds in Catalina Island's kelp beds. He sold his harvest fresh off his boat, and Catalina Offshore Products was born. Today we are celebrated as one of Southern California's premier purveyors of fresh and frozen seafood. We've grown from our humble beginnings, but we're still family-owned and Dave still goes ''searchin' for urchin" every chance he gets.