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Shime saba mackerel sushi

Marinated Mackerel (Shime Saba)

Vinegar-pickled mackerel savored by sushi aficionados!


Availability: In stock

Availability: In stock

Savored by sushi aficionados, shime saba is vinegar-pickled mackerel. This premium Icelandic mackerel is pickled in vinegar and wrapped in konbu seaweed to maximize its full flavor. Adding to its clean, salty taste is its superior level of healthful omega-3 oils. Enjoy with sake or sparkling wine! Each package contains approximately 6 ounces of boneless, ready-to-eat, flash frozen and vacuum packed shime saba fillet. Once thawed, keep refrigerated up to 3 days. Ingredients: Mackerel, Vinegar, Sugar, Seasoned Kelp (Kelp, Vinegar), Rice Vinegar, Apple Vinegar, Salt, Soy Sauce (Wheat, Soybean, Water, Salt) Distributed by Azuma Foods.

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