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Seared monkfish liver

Steamed Monkfish Liver (Ankimo)

Popular sushi delicacy often referred to as the "foie gras of the sea"


Availability: In stock

Availability: In stock

Monkfish liver is a popular sushi delicacy known as ankimo, and often referred to as the “foie gras of the sea” for its rich and creamy yet delicate texture. A product of Canada and distributed by Azuma Foods, our prepared monkfish liver is harvested from U.S. and Icelandic monkfish. Fresh monkfish liver is steamed, then frozen. To enjoy, simply defrost and serve with traditional accompaniments such as ponzu, scallion and red pepper. We don’t recommend pairing ankimo with soy sauce, which can overwhelm the liver’s delicate flavor. Ingredients: Monkfish liver, salt.

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