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Wholesale Fish Market

Catalina Offshore Products Wholesale

As a primary receiver of fresh fish and shellfish and one of the largest importers of fresh seafood from Baja Mexico, we specialize mainly in wild and farmed species found along the California coast and the Baja peninsula. When our company was founded nearly 40 years ago, it was based on bringing California sea urchin to the market via live product and processed uni trays. This continues to be a central item in our wholesale operation.

Today with more than 100 wholesale customers in almost all 50 states, we have earned a strong reputation for providing a wide range of first-rate seafood, much of which is responsibly harvested.

In addition to our beloved Gold and Premium uni we offer: yellowtail, white seabass, black cod, snapper, grouper and thresher shark; Pacific swordfish, flounder, tuna, and salmon; exotics such as barracuda and opah; and shrimp, spot prawns, oysters, scallops, clams, abalone, spiny lobster, rock crab and more.

We also offer high-quality frozen products year round. Our evolving inventory continues to grow as we seek new opportunities to bring all types of fresh seafood to the domestic market. And, rest assured, our many years of shipping experience has solidified our expertise in determining the most appropriate airline or trucking arrangements in order to meet your needs.

To learn more about wholesale opportunities, please contact our wholesale seafood specialists at (619) 297-9797 or fill out our wholesale contact form.