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New York Strip Steak

Prime New York Steak 8oz

A classic cut cherished by steak enthusiasts for its robust flavor, incredible bite, and rich marbling.


Availability: In stock

Availability: In stock

Indulge in the tantalizing flavors of a steakhouse classic! Our delectable petite New York strip steak offers an intense, bold flavor with distinct beefy notes that will delight your taste buds. While not the most tender cut, its incredible bite and solid chew are cherished by steak enthusiasts. The robustness and deliciousness of this steak are enhanced by its rich marbling, offering a truly unforgettable dining experience. And the petite 8 oz size allows plenty of room to add your favorite steakhouse-style sides! About the Source Our beef is sourced from Rancho La Mision, a 22,000 acre, grass-fed property in Sonora, Mexico. The region’s beef industry dates back to the 17th century and today remains an integral part of Sonoran life. Revered for its high quality and distinctive flavor, Sonoran beef is recognized as among the best in the world.  

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