California Spiny Lobster, Whole, Live

These crustaceans are highly sought after around the globe!


Availability: In stock

Availability: In stock

California spiny lobster season starts the first Wednesday in October and runs until mid-March. Our California spiny lobsters (Panulirus interruptus) are trap-caught off the coast of Southern California and represent a “Best Choice” for consumers looking for a sustainable source of lobster!

In common with all spiny lobsters, the California species has two large, spiny antennae, but no large claws on its legs. Although spiny lobsters lack front claws, pound for pound they tend to have more meat in their bodies than New England lobsters. Their ample tail meat is also denser and sweeter than their East Coast counterparts, yet still delicate in texture. As a result, these crustaceans are highly sought after around the globe!

Please note that we do not guarantee live lobsters will be alive upon delivery.

We purchase fresh, live lobster from local, reputable fishermen. Once received in our facility in San Diego, lobsters are kept alive in our large cold water tanks until shipped. We package live product with care, keeping it cold in insulated boxes and shipping overnight with FedEx. Should your lobster appear to have died in transit, we advise you to cook it the same day you receive it. If your lobster is alive upon receipt, it will keep in the refrigerator for one more day. To tell the difference between a dead lobster or simply a sluggish lobster after being shipped, gently touch the lobster’s eye and see if it moves.

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