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Octopus arm in package

Madako Octopus Arm (Tako), Cooked

Premium Madako octopus in a convenient portion


Availability: In stock

Availability: In stock

Cut from the Madako octopus from Japan, our fully cooked and frozen octopus arm is of the highest quality for your sashimi and sushi. This selection is a premium alternative to our pre-sliced tako and a smaller, more convenient option than whole octopus. Prior to being steamed, each hand-selected octopus goes through a special process called “shibori”. Typically in reference to fabrics, the word comes from the verb root shiboru, which means “wring, squeeze, press.” During shibori the octopus is massaged twice with salt for twice as long in order to remove moisture and further break down the connective tissue for more tenderized meat. The result is a brilliant color and superb texture that sushi aficionados will surely appreciate. Each 7.06oz (200g) package contains one whole octopus arm that will provide 18-20 slices, depending how thin or thick you cut them. The leftover meat can be eaten as is or cut into smaller pieces for sushi rolls. Feel free to also use this product in a variety of other dishes, including ensalada de pulpo (octopus salad)!

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