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Chilean Seabass 8oz Portion

One of the most sought-after fish in the world for its oil-rich flesh and wonderful texture that's near impossible to overcook.


Availability: In stock

Availability: In stock

Chilean seabass boasts large, white meat fillets with a delicious mild flavor and pleasantly firm texture. Broiling, grilling or pan searing produce the best cooking result, but the high fat content of this fish makes it almost impossible to overcook. When you really want to treat yourself, Chilean seabass will not disappoint! Did You Know? The Chilean seabass ((Dissostichus eleginoides) is a deep-water species also known as Patagonian toothfish, caught in southern ocean waters near and around Antarctica. The Chileans were the first to market toothfish commercially in the United States, earning it the name Chilean seabass, although it is really not a bass and it is not always caught in Chilean waters. Our wild Chilean seabass is harvested from MSC Certified waters and frozen at sea (FAS) to preserve its superior flavor and texture. Once offloaded, it is filleted with skin off and pin bones removed, then portioned, individually frozen and vacuum packed. Sustainability Chilean seabass became a very popular fish in the U.S. in the 1990s which resulted in overfishing. As the populations of Chilean seabass declined, some conservation groups began calling for a boycott of the fish in the early 2000s. Fishing methods have since improved. Chilean seabass is not listed as an endangered species and it is legal to import into the U.S. if it was caught within the law and provides for conservation of the fishery. MSC certified fish, specifically, depends on a host of factors, such as not overfishing and reducing bycatch. This seal of approval from the Marine Stewardship Council ensures traceability from boat to market, requiring fishers to tag fish and third parties to perform inspections and audits.

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