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Wild black cod fillet

Black Cod (Sablefish)

Beloved for its soft, silky white meat that offers large flakes and a rich flavor


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Availability: In stock

Black cod, or sablefish, is found in the northeastern Pacific Ocean from northern Mexico to the Gulf of Alaska, westward to the Aleutian Islands to the Bering Sea. The soft, silky white meat of this beloved fish comes apart beautifully in large flakes while its flavor is rich and buttery. In fact, black cod is often referred to as “butter fish” thanks to its high levels of healthy Omega-3s and melt-in-your-mouth texture! No matter how you cook it, black cod is nearly impossible to dry out. It’s a prime candidate for smoking, and its fillets are excellent when grilled, pan seared or baked. Our favorite way to enjoy this catch is to first marinate it in miso — a recipe made famous decades ago by Nobu restaurant and still one of the most popular preparations today. Did You Know? In the early 1840s, when fishermen from the East migrated to the California coast to take up their nets, much of what landed on deck was generically called cod. The name “black cod” was attached to the sleek sablefish, for its dark mottled coloring. This name is still used today, despite the fish not belonging to the cod family at all!

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