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Pacific Escolar, Sushi Grade

Escolar, aka butterfish or waloo


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Snowy white and wonderfully succulent, escolar provides a balanced flavor, a firm yet creamy texture, and an exquisite mouthfeel. It’s known by a few other names, including walu/waloo, ‘butterfish’ (an obvious choice once you taste it!), and an unfortunate misnomer, super white tuna.* Whatever you call it, this high-quality catch may be enjoyed as sashimi, sushi, or cooked. In fact, it’s practically impossible to overcook escolar. We recommend baking, broiling,  or grilling. For the ultimate experience, prepare it ‘misoyaki’ style! A word about portion size Escolar is rich and best enjoyed in small portions, about 4-6 ounces. Our .5 lb portions may include one, two, or more pieces of irregular shape. Escolar (Lepidocybium flavobrunneum) has been accused of causing a laxative effect in some individuals. Such adverse side effects are unlikely when escolar undergoes deep skinning by a trusted source such as Catalina Offshore. Escolar contains a high content of naturally occurring fatty wax esters that accumulate close to the skin. We eliminate most of the wax esters by cutting out the muscle tissue that connects the loin to the skin. Pregnant women or individuals with malabsorption may be at an increased risk, but most healthy adults experience no issues with escolar. *For more information on the differences between tuna and escolar read our blog post.