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Cuttlefish nigiri sushi

Cuttlefish (Mongo Ika), Sliced

Arrives uncooked, tenderized, and pre-sliced for sashimi!


Availability: In stock

Availability: In stock

Cuttlefish and squid are easy to mix up. Both are molluscs with a bilateral body symmetry, a big head, and tentacles that spread ink. The term “squid” is often generically applied to both in culinary applications but actual squid is typically cooked and served as calamari whereas cuttlefish is best for mongo ika sashimi. Our cuttlefish is a product of Japan that is uncooked, tenderized, pre-sliced for sashimi and frozen. The taste of cuttlefish is more pronounced than squid but not quite as as rich as their cousin, the octopus (tako). Cuttlefish offers a texture that is creamy yet still firm with a nice bite. In sushi applications it goes very well with ponzu or tamari sauce. It’s also a popular ingredient in stews, paellas and risottos because it can be cooked for longer without losing its texture. Packaging may differ from photograph. Ingredients: cuttlefish, salt, sorbitol, seasoning (glycine, monosodium glutamate, sodium acetate, fumaric acid-sodium, DL-alanine), sugar, fermented seasoning.

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