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Close up of masago capelin roe

Masago Capelin Roe Caviar

Adds a burst of flavor and texture to your sushi


Masago is a popular type of roe that comes from the capelin fish (Mallotus villosus), which is a member of the smelt family. These small orange eggs are used in a variety of sushi rolls to add an additional “pop” of color and ocean-fresh flavor. They also add a little bit of crunch. In sushi bars, masago is used commonly as a substitute for the more expensive and traditional tobiko (flying fish roe).  Aside from sushi applications, masago may also be enjoyed on toast, as a garnish for oysters, or in sauces and pastas. Ingredients: Icelandic capelin roe , high fructose corn syrup, soy sauce (soybean, water, wheat, salt), salt, monosodium glutamate, FD&C Yellow #6

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