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Halibut (Flounder) Fillet

A great choice for crowd favorites like fish tacos, ceviche and fish & chips!


Availability: In stock

Availability: In stock

Our local halibut (flounder/fluke) includes the California halibut (Paralichthys californicus) and Cortez halibut (Paralichthys aestuarius). They are nearly identical and you may receive one or the other depending on inventory. A wonderful white fish, our local halibut is moist and tender with a mild flavor. Its meat is leaner and creamier than its Northern Pacific cousins, making it best suited for gentle cook methods such as pan searing, frying, poaching and steaming. It pairs perfectly with buttery sauces, vinaigrettes and broths, and is a great choice for fish tacos and ceviche. This is not to say you can’t grill this fish. It tends to fall apart on the grill if not handled with care, but here’s a trick: lay down a flat layer of half-inch thick lemon, lime or orange slices on top of the grill grate and place fish on top of the slices. Not only will you not have to worry about the fish sticking, you’ll simultaneously infuse it with a bright flavor! The Fishery California halibut is found nearshore off the Pacific coastline of California and Baja. The Cortez halibut may be found south of Magdalena Bay on the Pacific side of Baja California and throughout the Sea of Cortez. Both are harvested mainly on hook & line. In Baja this is done by artisanal fishermen operating small day boats known as pangas and working collectively out of the region’s coastal villages. *This fish may contain pinbones

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