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Canadian Sashimi Grade Salmon (Sake), Farmed

Delicious any way you choose to prepare it!

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Availability: In stock

This Atlantic salmon is responsibly farmed by Marine Harvest in the clear, cold waters of British Columbia. A wonderful choice for your sashimi and sake sushi, it is high quality, free of steroids and hormones, and delightfully fatty. It’s also a rich source of Omega 3s. Fresh fish come into our facility whole, and we then hand cut, Proton Freeze, and vacuum pack our portions. The expedient, deep-freeze technology of the Proton Freeze ensures the salmon is safe to enjoy raw and also preserves its just-cut quality. Fillets are skin off. Sustainability Marine Harvest Canada farms Atlantic salmon using an integrated system of brood stock selection, freshwater hatcheries, saltwater farms and state-of-the-art processing plant. Its select ocean sites are located in deep, remote bays where strong ocean currents and cold, oxygen rich water abound. These are ideal conditions for salmon, with minimal impact on the natural surroundings.

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