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Abalone sliced as sashimi

Abalone, Wild Untrimmed Meat

A delicacy of the sea!


Availability: In stock

Availability: In stock

A delicacy of the sea, abalone provides the sweetness of scallops and the brininess of a clam with a buttery finish. This abalone meat comes without shells. To prepare the abalone, trim, slice and pound to make abalone steaks. These come about 4-5 pieces to a pound. We make every effort to work with fisheries that are committed to safeguarding fish populations and the marine environment. Our frozen wild abalone meat is harvested from a well-managed fishery in Baja California. Abalone in Baja is not considered overfished and the stock remains stable. California abalone is considered overfished in Southern California, therefore no harvesting is allowed. Only limited sport harvesting is allowed along certain regions of the Northern California coast.

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