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Black cod

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Product Descriptions

Another truly well managed deep water species, trap and longline caught off the California Coastline. California Sable Fish lives at depths of up to 600 feet resulting in a pure white fillet that has a moist buttery delicate flavor and is high in omega-3's. Prized in Japan and at sushi restaurants, nearly the entire fish can be used including collars, eggs and liver. It has many traditional cooking applications as well. California Sable fish is harvested year round when fishing weather permits, and typically runs from 2-7# size. This is the same deep water species targeted by commercial fisheries in Alaska. While the more temperate waters off California do not provide the conditions for these animals to grow to the 10-25 lb range of Alaskan waters, they do provide the same high oil content and fine textured fillets that are sought after in Japan and around the world.

Sable fish are often referred to as Black Cod, but not actually a part of the Cod family. However, they are the highest valued fish per pound in Alaska and Pacific Coast commercial fisheries.

The largest available populations in Southern California are offshore of Santa Barbara where crews face some of the most difficult variable weather environments of the State. Fishermen typically pick a 48 hour window to set out beyond the Channel Islands and hopefully meet their 2000 lb weekly quota. Longlines are set in deep water limiting incidental by catch and nearly eliminating the chance of any incidental turtle by catch.

The Southern California Sable Fish fishery has become a successful dual agency management model, with the California Fish and Game managing from 3 mile to shore and NOAA managing from 3 miles and beyond. Most of the fishing is done in federal waters under the NOAA jurisdiction who's federal mandate is to eliminate overfishing and rebuild stocks. Daily, Weekly and Monthly quotas are established and vigilant stock analysis are completed regularly. Catches are incredibly well cared for and maintained resulting in a long shelf life with outstanding pristine freshness.

Sable fish have a rich oil content which makes it exceptionally flavorful and thus highly popular in a variety of applications, including sushi and cooking and smoking.

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Sable Fish, Blackcod
Anoplopoma fimbria
Year round, weather dependent

Primary Product Forms

Whole, G&G, H&G (J-cut)
H&G(J-cut), Fillet
Day Boat Long Line

Harvest Area:

global supply
From California to Alaska
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