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Yuzu Kosho Spicy Citrus Paste

Yuzu Kosho (Spicy Citrus Paste)

Popular Japanese condiment made from the yuzu citrus fruit and green chilies


Availability: In stock

Availability: In stock

Yuzu Kosho (spicy citrus paste) is a very popular Japanese condiment. Yuzu is a small citrus fruit and the oil from its peel is remarkably fragrant. Yuzu kosho is a winning blend of grated yuzu and grated raw green chili, which is seasoned with salt to ferment the mixture. Until just recently yuzu kosho could only be found in certain parts of Japan but nowadays it is also gaining popularity in the US. Its complex flavor is fresh, tangy and spicy, making it a perfect seasoning for all types of Japanese food. Try with sashimi and sushi, grilled fish and meat, ramen and yakitori, dumplings, and more! We store this item frozen to maintain its freshness. This does not affect the quality. Defrost to use and store in refrigerator upon opening. Product of Japan Ingredients: Yuzu citrus peel, green chili pepper, salt, water, sorbitol, modified food starch, sake (rice wine), natural and artificial flavor, citric acid, xanthan gum, artificial color (FD&C blue #1)

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