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Roasted White Sesame Seeds (3.5 oz)

These crunchy, nutty gems are tiny but mighty!


Availability: In stock

Availability: In stock

Tiny but mighty! Did you know that sesame seeds are packed with nutrients such as healthy fats, protein, calcium, antioxidants and dietary fiber? While the most obvious difference between white and black sesame seeds is the color, white sesame seeds have a sweeter and nuttier flavor. This is the natural flavor of the kernels of the seeds, whereas black sesame seeds are slightly bitter due to the hull being present.  Roasting these crunchy little gems brings out their deep nutty flavor and we recommend doing like the sushi chefs do: sprinkle on rice and various sushi rolls, or add to your favorite roasted veggies, stir-fry, salads or soups!

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