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California uni sushi

Premium Uni (California) 100g

Brings an ocean-sweet taste to sushi and uni-focused cuisine


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Our wild caught California Premium uni (B Grade) boasts the same ocean-fresh flavor as our California Gold uni (A Grade), but with a slightly softer consistency and milder yellow color. Pieces of California uni are also typically larger than uni coming out of the Pacific Northwest or South America. Often likened to a custard for its luscious mouthfeel, this top-seller provides a sweet, briny flavor to complete any sushi experience but is also wonderful on its own! Slight variations in color and texture may occur within the same package. For maximum enjoyment, fresh uni should be consumed within 3-5 days upon delivery. Did You Know? From responsibly managed fisheries in California we receive the sea urchin species, Strongylocentrotus franciscanus. These urchins range in color from dark blackish purple to red in color and average 1lb each. They are harvested by divers who use hand held rakes and nets. Inside every one of these sea urchins is the prize: bright orange to pale yellow “tongues” of uni. Commonly referred to as roe, these soft golden tongues are actually the urchin’s reproductive organs! California Uni Grades Gold (A-Grade): Bright gold, yellow or orange color. Creamy yet firm texture. Fresh ocean scent and ocean-sweet taste. Uni pieces are large and complete intact. This is exceptionally high-grade uni for use in top-quality sushi. Premium (B-Grade): Gold, yellow or orange color but less brilliant than A-Grade. Creamy yet firm texture. Uni pieces are smaller but primarily intact. Fresh ocean scent and ocean-sweet taste. Used for sushi and other dishes as the featured item. Vana (C-Grade): Dark yellow or orange or even tending toward brown in color. Melty texture and slightly nutty flavor. Uni sections may be intact but are mostly broken pieces. Typically shipped frozen. Due to its ultra-soft consistency, vana is typically used in dishes where it is mixed with other ingredients, such as soups and sauces.

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