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Forever Oceans Kanpachi

Forever Oceans Kanpachi, Sashimi Grade (Farmed)


Availability: In stock

Availability: In stock

Forever Oceans Kanpachi is a sashimi grade yellowtail (Seriola rivoliana) responsibly cultivated off the west coast of Panama. It is rich yet light, with a buttery texture that’s delicious no matter how it’s prepared—steamed, smoked, grilled, baked, poached, or served raw as sashimi or sushi. The reason for its delicious flavor lies in the unique way the fish are raised. In patented deep-water enclosures, Forever Oceans Kanpachi grow faster, healthier, and tastier than most traditionally farmed fish. The company’s sustainable approach gives it complete control over the lifecycle of the fish, from fish egg to your plate. Try this premium selection in your favorite sushi roll or crudo recipe! We also suggest tasting it side by side with hamachi for a “tale of two yellowtails” experience!  About Forever Oceans Forever Oceans is a leading innovator in sustainable seafood and offshore, warm-water aquaculture. The company’s mission is to create a new way for the world to produce delicious seafood that’s good for people and the planet. Forever Oceans’ unique approach to aquaculture is enabled by a patented, single-point mooring technology that allows its enclosures to orient naturally with ocean currents and swells, enabling fish to swim as they would in a wild environment. The company also uses a suite of other technologies, including satellite-controlled robotics, near-field communications, AI-driven cameras, and a feed management software platform. In addition to its Panama site, Forever Oceans also has operations in Indonesia and Brazil. Forever Oceans has been named one of America’s most innovative seafood companies by Seafood Source.  

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