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Product Descriptions

Vana is a darker and more liquid form of uni. It is a fresh product that can be eaten raw and tastes as good as the other grades of uni. It comes frozen in a bag unless requested otherwise. Vana can be used in a variety of pasta dishes and is very popular amongst Pacific Islanders. Our uni is world famous, having been featured in magazines like Vogue and Wolfgang Puck's television show. The sea urchins from which uni come from are hand picked by local divers who deliver it to us fresh daily. We process it within 24 hours, giving it the highest freshness and quality.

Strongylocentrotus franciscanus
Year Round

Primary Product Forms

2 Kg/ 4.4 Lb
2 Kg/ 4.4 Lb

Harvest Area:

global supply
California (San Diego to Ft. Bragg)
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