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"New favorite thing: sushi dinner at home! Ordered the Fresh Ahi and it was beautiful, fresh, and delicious. I will be ordering Catalina Offshore Products again and again, for sure!"

- Chel Z.

  • Bottle of eel sauce
    Spices & Sauces

    Authentic Eel Sauce

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  • sRefkcU 1
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    Sushi Making Supplies

    Mizkan Powdered Sushi Rice Mix

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  • Wasabi Paste
    Spices & Sauces

    Real Wasabi

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  • NkIVbox 1
    Sushi Making Supplies

    Roasted Seaweed Sheets (Yaki Nori)

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  • Sashimi Sampler pack with hamachi, salmon, yellowfin and albacore
  • Shrimp Box Cropped
    Fillets & Steakfish

    Surf & Surf Seafood Sampler Box

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  • Catalina Offshore Sushi Making Kit
    Kitchen Gadgets

    Sushi Making Kit

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  • Calrose rice grains
    Sushi Making Supplies

    Sushi Rice (1lb bag)

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  • Dry good ginger packets2 med
    Sushi Making Supplies

    White Ginger (Gari)

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  • Yuzu Kosho Paste