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Catalina Offshore Products Featured in Life in a Tidepool

By Rebecca Gardon

Recently we filmed a few segments for the series, Life in a Tide Pool, which explores the fascinating world of tide pools. Tide pools occur in rocky locations where the ocean meets the land. This zone is covered by water and exposed to air periodically throughout the day. Both plants and animals must survive pounding waves, wide temperature and salinity swings, and intense competition for space and food. Among our favorite tide pools in San Diego: those off La Jolla’s Coast Boulevard and at Cabrillo National Monument at the very tip of Point Loma.

In the series, host Kasey Eunice explores the types of marine life that live in the harsh tide pool environment. In our first guest installment, Kasey tours our sea urchin processing plant to see how we process our sushi grade uni. Our segment begins at about the 8:30 min mark and features our fearless leader, Dave Rudie. Throughout the rest of the episode you can follow local experts as they search for sea urchins at Goff Island; visit a local aquarium to see how they raise and care for sea urchins; and learn about the types of sea urchins found in local tide pools.

Life in a Tide Pool – Sea Urchins from Splashzone Productions on Vimeo.

In our next episode, Kasey talks mussels and clams with our fishmonger, Tommy Gomes. Fast forward to the 19:00 min mark if you don’t have time to enjoy the whole episode, which uncovers why mussels are such an important part of any tide pool habitat and why they only seem to live in certain places in the tide pool.

Life in a Tide Pool – Mussels and Clames from Splashzone Productions on Vimeo.

In our third episode, Tommy talks with Kasey about our local rock crab and the harvesting of California spiny lobster. Our segment begins at the 16:45 mark!

Life in a Tide Pool – Crabs and Lobsters from Splashzone Productions on Vimeo.




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