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10 Ideas for Holiday Sushi

By Rebecca Gardon

For those who enjoy making sushi at home, these holiday-themed creations are a great excuse to test your skills and wow your family and friends. Unfortunately most of the links we came across don’t include a “How To,” but some appear fairly easy to replicate if you’re familiar with the basics of sushi rolling. If nothing else, grab some sushi grade fish and maybe even one of our sushi making kits and let these festive works of edible art inspire your own versions this holiday season!

Sushi Christmas Tree Plate Ornament

Sushi plate ornament













Seasons Greetings Sushi Roll















Green Eggs & Spam Sushi Christmas Tree

Green Eggs & Spam Sushi Christmas Tree














Sushi Handroll Christmas Tree – this one is giant, but you get the idea!

Giant sushi tree



















Christmas Shapes on Sushi Plates – get the kids involved!

Easy Christmas Sushi Plating




















Christmas Sushi Cake

Christmas sushi cake
















Sushi Menorah














A little more advanced in the sushi food arts? Check out these Bento masterpieces!

Santa Bento Sushi


















Christmas Sushi Balls – also known as Temarizushi




















Olaf & Penguin Christmas Bento



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