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Product Descriptions

Opah is largecolorful pelagic fish that is often captured as a by catch of Tuna and Swordfish fishing. The truly unique circular shape, large alien eye and striking rose spotted bodies have led it to be also called \"moonfish\". Opah live in deep waters during the day and come up to feed on squid and jellyfish at night.

Prior to the 1980s, there was little commercial market for this unusual fish. In the south pacific, fishermen believed catching the colorful Opah brought good luck, and gave the fish away to friends and family. In the late 1980s, the state of Hawaii started promoting Opah to build a market among U.S. consumers for this underutilized species. Today, the demand is rising for Opah and its rich, tasty meat.

While almost all Opah sold in the U.S. market are from Hawaii, this species is found worldwide in tropical and temperate waters and is often taken as by catch by long liners targeting tuna from New Zealand to California. When domestic supplies are low, the United States imports Opah, predominantly from Fiji, Tahiti, and New Zealand. The Opah\'s large-grain flesh is rich and fatty, and generally a deep orange red behind the head and along the backbone, and fades to a light pink in the belly. It is a dense firm meat that cooks to a white color and can be cooked in the same way as a swordfish or tuna.

Lampris regius
Year round, October to February primary months

Primary Product Forms

Loins, Top Racks
Bottom loins
Long Line and Drift Nets

Harvest Area:

global supply
Northern California to the tip of the Baja Peninsula
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Cooking Methods