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Hooked on Omega-3s

By now you’re probably familiar with omega-3 fatty acids, the “good” kinds of fat our bodies require to function. Studies show that these superfood-status fats not only combat depression but reduce the risk of dementia, heart disease, arthritis and autoimmune diseases, including Type 1 diabetes. They also reduce the symptoms of ADHD; aid in visual and neurological development in babies; and lower inflammation, a key component in asthma.

Did you also know that two of the most crucial omega-3s – EPA and DHA – are primarily found in certain fish?

If you take a fish oil supplement you might be thinking you’re good to go. However, experts agree that the best way to get more omega-3s into your diet is through food. As with any nutrient, supplements come in handy when you have medical issues or real trouble meeting dietary recommendations. But supplements are also expensive and often as big as horse pills! There’s an easier and much more delicious way.

To harness the amazing benefits of omega-3s, leading health organizations recommend eating seafood at least two times a week. This handy chart from our friends at Seafood Nutrition Partnership shows a variety of choices you can mix and match – many of which we carry in our San Diego fish market and online store!

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