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From Sea to Sandwich – Local Shrimp Makes the List!

By Rebecca Gardon

Supernatural Sandwiches team
The SuperNatural team (L-R): Chris Perczichino, Christian Eggert, Tony Nguyen, and Anthony Tran.

Keep an eye out for SuperNatural Sandwiches. Our friends and sandwich heroes, Christian Eggert, Tony Nguyen, Chris Perczichino and Anthony Tran, recently competed in the World Food Championships in Las Vegas. Sharp Entertainment, which produces food-related shows for the Travel Channel, filmed the event for a multi-episode series slated to air in early 2014.

As one of 50 competitors, SuperNatural sought the World Sandwich Championship title and its hefty $25,000 prize. They entered their signature spicy garlic shrimp sandwich known as “The Siren”, which features our locally-caught shrimp and earned a spot recently on Eater’s Iconic Sandwich list. The team didn’t take the crown; however, they placed 15th in their category. Pretty impressive considering their “Sea to Sandwich” concept debuted in San Diego just over a year ago!

SuperNatural aims to provide their “aFISHo’Nados” with hyper local flavors. To accomplish this they use fresh and local sustainable seafood as well as cheeses, bread and greens from local vendors. Sauces, rubs and marinades are made in-house, and ingredients are organic whenever possible.

And the name? After shooting down Just Above Average Sandwiches they came up with Kraken. Kraken because in urban lingo means “let’s get it started” and is also a play off the phrase “Release the Kraken!” as popularized by Clash of the Titans. But then they wondered if they named themselves Kraken Sandwiches, what would call the sandwiches? That’s when they decided on SuperNatural, and that each sandwich would be named for a supernatural creature because of the mythical flavors the team hopes to deliver in every bite: super in taste, natural ingredients – a supernatural experience.

Like we said, keep an eye out for these guys!

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