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Rock Crab Meat

Taking apart a crab is a fun and messy affair – but often it doesn’t yield much meat for the effort. Our delicious never-frozen Baja rock crab meat takes all the work out of the equation. Hand-harvested off Baja less than 200 miles south of San Diego, Baja rock crabs contain a ton of sweet, delicious meat similar to Florida rock crab. Our 16oz tubs are hand packed with ready-to-eat pasteurized lump and shredded meat that will keep for months when refrigerated. The taste of Baja rock crab meat is so good that many San Diego restaurants are using it. Try it for crab cakes, salads and sandwiches, dips, bisques, pastas, omelets and more!.

Once opened, this product will stay fresh in the refrigerator for 4 days. Unopened it will keep for 6 months.