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U-12 P&D Wild Mexican Raw Shrimp

Among the most-coveted shrimp in the world for its 'extra-colossal' size and superior taste


Availability: In stock

Availability: In stock

Wild Mexican shrimp are among the most sought after shrimp in the world for their superior taste and firm texture. U-12 shrimp are an impressive, larger-than-average shrimp. Commonly they are referred to as “extra colossal.” Their generous size makes them perfect for culinary presentations where the shrimp is the star. Think shrimp cocktail, tempura, paella, skewers. You can also treat these like langoustines by broiling or grilling them and serving them on their own with lemon and butter or other seasoning of choice. These raw IQF (individually quick frozen or “blast” frozen) shrimp are all natural and chemical free which results in a low moisture level to provide maximum yield with minimum shrink during cooking. For your convenience, each shrimp has been peeled and deveined and the head has been removed. The tail remains for culinary presentation. U-12 indicates the number of shrimp you will receive. In this case, less than 12 shrimp make up one pound and each bag is 2lbs. The Fishery Our shrimp are responsibly harvested from the central and lower regions of the Sea of Cortez and West of Mexico by artisanal fishermen who work together in co-ops, or cooperativos. They are processed in Sonora Mexico.