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Thresher Shark Fillet

Perfect for grilling, thresher shark's steak-like texture makes an ideal, healthy alternative to red meat


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Availability: In stock

Shark is a wonderfully firm and meaty fish with a mild flavor and slightly sweet finish. Similar to swordfish, it is perfect for grilling and its steak-like texture makes it an ideal alternative to red meat! It’s a natural choice for skewers and can withstand bolder seasonings. Because it is on the lean side, many chefs will marinate shark to keep it moist and increase its flavor profile. The common thresher is the largest species of thresher shark of the family Alopiidae, attaining a maximum known length of 20 feet. Almost half of that consists of the elongated upper lobe of its caudal fin, a structure employed by the thresher in a whip-like fashion to deliver incapacitating blows to its prey. Though shorter in length, the shortfin mako can weigh up to 300 pounds and is the fastest species of shark. Sustainability Our thresher shark is locally harvested off the coast of California. The fishery is well managed in the US to ensure stocks are sustainable and bycatch and habitat impacts are minimal. The US is a leader in shark conservation, and NOAA Fisheries works to sustainably manage shark populations by conducting research, assessing stocks, working with fishermen, and implementing regulations.

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