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Calrose rice grains

Sushi Rice (1lb bag)

Great sushi starts with great rice!


Availability: In stock

Availability: In stock

Sushi rice or sushi-meshi is the most important component of any sushi meal. The key is the sticky consistency. The mild yet distinct flavor of sushi rice comes by adding sugar and rice vinegar. You can also make sushi rice using pre-bottled sushi vinegar or pre-seasoned powdered sushi rice mix. We offer a variety of medium grain rice known as Calrose, which is notable for being the founding variety of the Californian rice industry. It provides just the right amount of stickiness and natural sweetness for your sushi rolls and nigiri. It’s also great on its own or topped with soy sauce, eel sauce, furikake or togarashi. Perfect for authentic dishes! Click HERE for a traditional sushi rice recipe.

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