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Smoked salmon oak roasted

Smoked Salmon, Cambridge House Hot Smoke Oak Roasted

Cambridge House smoked salmon is considered by many to be the world's finest smoked salmon.


Availability: In stock

Availability: In stock

Starting with the finest quality fresh Atlantic salmon, Cambridge House Hot Smoke Oak Roasted Salmon is smoked and roasted to perfection at a high temperature using oak burning in an open fire. Air flow is carefully controlled to avoid dehydrating the fish. The result is a salmon delicacy with succulent, flaky texture and distinctive full flavor that’s delicious hot or cold. Flake into pasta or over salad; mix with cream cheese or a bit of Dijon and mayo as a spread for sandwiches or crackers; or enjoy on its own with your favorite accouterments. For your convenience, we proton freeze this fresh smoked salmon to maintain its high quality and extend its shelf life. Proton freezing is a quick-freeze technology that combines evenly distributed electromagnetic waves and cold air to reduce ice crystal formation and cell membrane damage. As a result, taste and texture are preserved naturally, without any additives or chemicals. About Cambridge House Based in Santa Barbara, Cambridge House is one of the few smokehouses left in the world that still smoke salmon the true traditional way using an open-fire wood burning smokehouse. Its emphasis is on tradition and craft rather than mass production, producing a full flavored yet delicate tasting salmon that cannot be achieved using conventional modern smoking methods.

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