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Oriental Hot Mustard Powder

S&B Hot Oriental Mustard Powder

For those who like their mustard HOT!


Availability: In stock

Availability: In stock

Some like it hot! If you’re one of ’em, S&B Oriental Hot Mustard is what you want! Made from select mustard seeds, its rich flavor of mustard and sharp spiciness will enhance the flavor of many Japanese and Chinese dishes – and it will clear your sinuses, too!  To make, add water and mix well, and set aside for 4-5 minutes. Then it’s ready to use. You may have to play around with the ratios of water to powder to get the right heat. It can be a bit bitter for some palates so also free free to add a bit of sugar or vinegar to your liking. Serve as a relish for fried fish and shellfish, shrimp dumplings, dim sums, and other dishes. Try using it in place of wasabi or hot sauce for an interesting twist on sashimi or sushi. It’s also great mixed into mayonnaise and salad dressings! Ingredients: Mustard Flour, Turmeric

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