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Salt Farm Sampler 4 pack

Salt Farm Sea Salts Sampler

This gourmet 4pk salts sampler is made especially for us, with salt blends you won't find anywhere else!


Availability: In stock

Availability: In stock

Based in San Diego, Salt Farm is a small company devoted to spreading the word about gourmet sea salt and its many uses for cooking delicious dishes. Salt Farm provides more than 30 small-batch varieties of salt, including natural sea salts, infused sea salts, smoked salts and custom blends. A unique addition to your spice pantry, this sampler pack is made especially for us and includes the following varieties: #37 Catalina Offshore – Custom blended for Catalina Offshore Products, this salt combines oregano, three different chilies and two different types of citrus. Perfect for grilled or pan seared seafood, poultry and red meat. #21 Uni –  Made with our own fresh uni, this uni-infused sea salt enhances sushi, sashimi, seared scallops, edamame, oysters on the half shell, and more. You won’t find salt like this anywhere else! #23 Wasabi Sesame – Use this sea salt blend to take your sushi, sashimi, edamame, rice and popcorn to new flavor heights. Try it on nuts, too! #34 Ginger Sesame – Adds a bit of Asian-inspired sweetness & spice. Try on fish, roasted green beans, or in soups or noodle dishes!   Each salt is approximately .55 to .75 oz. Weights vary slightly depending on the combination of herbs and spices.

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