Salt Farm #33 Lime & Jalapeno Sea Salt

Small batch sea salt with a Baja-inspired twist that's reminiscent of a spicy margarita


Availability: In stock

Availability: In stock

Based in San Diego, Salt Farm is a small company devoted to spreading the word about gourmet sea salt and its many uses for cooking delicious dishes. Salt Farm provides more than 30 small-batch varieties of salt, including natural sea salts, infused sea salts, smoked salts and custom blends.

Inspired by the flavors of Baja, Salt Farm #33 Lime & Jalapeno shakes things up by combining sea salt with a spicy kick and bright burst of lime. Try this punchy blend with your favorite fish tacos, on grilled fish or shrimp, or sprinkled over yellowtail sashimi or fresh uni!  

Each jar of salt is 3 oz.