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Dry Salted Cod (Bacalao)

This time-tested salted and dried delicacy won't disappoint


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Availability: In stock

Also known as Baccala, Bacalao (dry salted cod) is beloved across many cultures and featured in several Mediterranean cuisines. Although it is primarily associated with Portugal, you will find bacalo being served in Italy, Spain, Norway and Canada among other countries. Its origins date back to the 15th century when Portuguese sailors traveled the world, sometimes spending months abroad relying on fish as a food source. Salting and drying the fish helps maintain its shelf life for a longer period. Today bacalao is considered a delicacy and still proves quite popular, particularly around the holidays. Its white flesh is dense, flaky, and has a low fat-content. Once desalted, this product will make any traditional bacalao a dish come out wonderfully. It can also be used for chowders or fish stews, cod fritters, curries, empanadas, pot pies and more. Origin: Canada Storage and Preparation Tips Before bacalao may be consumed, it must be desalted by soaking for several hours before use. While still salted, keep product in refrigerator for use within a few months or in the freezer if you plan to store longer. When you’re ready to desalt it, follow these guidelines:
  1. Place the portion of fish under tap water and rinse excessive salt.
  2. Place fish in a large bowl of water. A general rule is three times as much water as fish. The bowl of fish should be kept in cool conditions, around 43 – 47 degrees Fahrenheit during the whole process.
  3. Change the water at least once or up to three times per day.
  4. Thinner cuts of fish are ready to be cooked after 2 days, while thicker cuts will be ready after after 3 days. After the desalting process is complete, you can either cook the fish right away or freeze it for ready-to-cook future use.

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