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daybreak golden state seasoning

Daybreak Golden State Seasoning Salt

A sustainable, California take on old-school seasoned salts!


Availability: In stock

Availability: In stock

In partnership with Boonville Barn Collective – a rad woman-owned California farm – Daybreak Seaweed Co., has crafted this everyday seasoning salt highlighting the flavors of the Golden State. It blends Boonville Barn’s signature Piment d’Ville chile powder with nutrient-packed wakame seaweed, California-grown garlic and onions, and California sea salt. The result is an addictive everyday seasoning salt that’s perfect on grilled seafood, meat, veggies or even fruits (think grilled peaches or pineapples). It’s also delicious in salad dressings or sprinkled on sashimi, crudo, rice bowls, or smoked salmon and avocado toast. Ingredients: Seaweed (Alaska Wakame), Onion*^, Garlic*^, Piment d’Ville chile powder*, and Sea salt* *California grown ^ organic About Daybreak Seaweed Co. We’re Avery and Catherine: a two-woman team bringing seaweed into the everyday kitchen. We partner with regenerative ocean farmers producing the highest quality, sustainably-grown seaweed in the pristine waters of the Pacific Ocean, and turn that seaweed into nutrient-dense, delicious, and nourishing kitchen staples. We’re committed to growing wellbeing for our customers and our community while using our business as a positive force in the grassroots movement for food system transformation. We believe the best things come from nature, that the answers to many of the world’s challenges exist in natural systems, and that a more beautiful, simple way of doing things is possible. We know the beauty of living by the cycles of the tides, the moon, and the seasons. We know early mornings spent in the surf, harvesting seaweed as the sun breaks over the fog-covered hills onto an ocean glowing in the morning’s first light. Daybreak Seaweed grew out of this salty and vitalizing beauty, out of the ocean’s rhythms, and our desire to produce food in relationship with them.

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