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Cuttlefish Ink

Cuttlefish Ink

Adds an intriguing dark color and a rich, ocean-y flavor to your cooking.


In the sea, cuttlefish use their ink as a defense mechanism. In the kitchen, cuttlefish ink adds a rich, ocean-y flavor without the overly “fishy” flavor of regular squid ink. It also adds an intriguing dark color. It is commonly used for black pastas, seafood risotto and “arroz negro,” a paella-like dish of cuttlefish and rice. For a quick and delicious sauce, try browning some garlic in olive oil, and adding a tablespoon or two of the ink. You can also add the ink to your homemade pasta dough recipe. Shelf-stable and freezes well. Refrigerate after opening. Imported from Spain Ingredients: Cuttlefish Ink, Water, Salt and Stabilizer (sodium carboxymethyl cellulose)

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