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Cien Chiles The Habanero

Cien Chiles "The Habanero" Hot Sauce

Great all purpose hot sauce with unique sweet heat and refreshing boldness


Availability: In stock

Availability: In stock

Fresh. Fruity. Tangy. Creamy. The unique sweet heat and brisk intensity of Habanero peppers offer a refreshing boldness. Spice without being too spicy; with fruit forward flavor and just the right amount of heat that just about everyone can agree on. For those looking to add zest to every moment and make every meal something to remember – The Habanero perfectly compliments. Wherever you might add hot sauce, this one’s worth trying! Ingredients: Vine tomatoes, Onions, Water, Sunflower oil, Apple cider vinegar, Lemon juice, Habanero peppers, Sea salt, Garlic About Cien Chiles Based in San Diego, Cien Chiles was born of Chef Maria Covarrubias’ passion for cooking for others since she was a child a Mexico. Over time her love became the main ingredient for something bold, spicy, and new – honest fixins that are equal parts innovative and timeless. Today, her biggest pride is to infuse her authentic background into each meaningful bottle. All with the purpose to connect with people while bringing memories to life. In her own words, “Chiles are my Love language.”