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Barnacle Foods x Trickster Sweet and Smoky Rub

Barnacle Foods x Trickster Sweet & Smoky Rub

Salmon has found its perfect match in this seasoning, but we also love it on swordfish, tuna and shrimp!


Availability: In stock

Availability: In stock

From Barnacle Foods x Trickster Company, this delicious collaboration is a sweet, smoky, salty, and deeply satisfying kelp seasoning (think next-level blackened seasoning). Inspired by the flavors and traditions of the Alaska Coast, it conjures beachside fires, rich billowing smokehouse steam, salty sea, with a hint of sweet. For best results: coat and rub seafood, meats, or vegetables with a generous layer of seasoning and sizzle over flames or in a pan at medium-high heat. Ingredients: Alaskan Kelp, Paprika*, Sugar, Dried Onion, Dried Garlic*, Salt, Smoked Paprika*, Cayenne. *Certified Organic About Trickster Co: Artists Crystal Worl, and her brother, Rico Worl, started Trickster Co. in Juneau, Alaska. Trickster Co. is an Indigenous-owned design company that strives to share the way traditionally rooted people represent themselves in a modern context. Their work represents the prestigious lineage of Northwest Coast art in a fresh, energetic, irresistible form. Crystal Worl is Tlingit Athabascan from Raven moiety, Sockeye Clan, from the Raven House. The label depicts sockeye salmon, bears, and raven in Northwest Coast form line design that is an art form dating back some 4,000 years and has been acclaimed throughout the world as a uniquely distinctive form of design and aesthetics. Every year Trickster Co. artist Crystal Worl goes fishing at a secret spot and brings home enough Sockeye salmon for her family (and friends). Each fish is cherished thanks to the adventure of fishing side-by-side with bears that try to steal the catch, almost being washed away in rapids, and trying to get to the best fishing spots before anyone else (bears included). The fish Crystal brings home provides for multiple households each winter. Now, salmon has found its perfect match — Sweet & Smoky Kelp Seasoning.

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