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16/20 Wild Mexican Shrimp (5 lbs block)

Highly sought-after shrimp from Baja!


Availability: In stock

Availability: In stock

Several shrimp species are commercially caught off the Baja California peninsula. The more common, Litopenaeus stylirostris, is referred to in the marketplace as wild Mexican white shrimp, blue shrimp and western blue shrimp. Wild Mexican white/blue shrimp are preferred by chefs because they provide a robust shrimp flavor with a clean, sweet finish and firm texture. 16/20 is a size indicator of the number of shrimp you will receive per pound. This is a typical average sized shrimp with head off and tail on. It’s ideal for stir fry, adding to pastas, or preparing for a salad or sandwich or any number of other culinary applications. The Fishery Our shrimp are responsibly harvested from the central and lower regions of the Sea of Cortez by artisanal fishermen who work together in co-ops, or cooperativos. Shrimp are previously frozen at time of harvest to preserve peak freshness. Nearly all shrimp marketed as “fresh” have been handled in this manner. Truly fresh shrimp appears far more translucent than thawed shrimp, and its highly perishable nature makes it rarely available. Previously frozen fresh shrimp should smell mildly of the sea, but not like iodine or ammonia.

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