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Fire up the grill: swordfish are back and doing well

By Rebecca Gardon Whether baked, broiled or grilled, swordfish is an enduring favorite. Its meaty texture, mild flavor and abundance of omega-3 fatty acids are all part of its popularity. Unfortunately, many fresh seafood lovers are missing out on this versatile fish due to old messaging that still populates the internet. Atlantic swordfish, in particular, …

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Bluefin Tuna: No Need to Worry About Radiation

By Rebecca Gardon Worried about eating seafood? Fears are swirling that radiation leaking into the Pacific from Japan’s Fukushima disaster in 2011 could surface locally as dangerous catches. Catalina Offshore has been tracking the studies and issues carefully. The scientific community and the FDA have been working together to keep contaminated food from reaching our shores …

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Celebrating the Craft (of Seafood)

Contributed by Elaine Masters Over the last decade Catalina Offshore Products has joined California’s renowned food artisans in showcasing the state’s finest culinary ingredients at the annual Celebrate the Craft. This year was no different as San Diego’s favorite fish purveyor not only displayed a bounty of fresh fish, but provided sushi-grade seafood for a variety of dishes …

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California Sea Urchin: From Ocean Floor to Your Door

By Rebecca Gardon Once considered an ocean nuisance, red sea urchins have led to Catalina Offshore Products becoming one of California’s premier seafood purveyors and San Diego’s only exporter of sea urchins, selling around 95 percent of all urchins harvested locally. Featured on the Travel Channel’s Bizarre Foods America with Andrew Zimmern, our gold and …

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Hands Across the Sea

Contributed by Elaine Masters Among the devastating casualties from the Fukushima nuclear reactor tragedy is the regional Japanese fishing industry. Japan loves seafood and finding new sources to prepare favorite recipes and help keep restaurants open has spurred international relationships with other fish suppliers such as Catalina Offshore Products. Catalina Offshore owner Dave Rudie recently …

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What’s In a Name?

By Rebecca Gardon Recently media has been rumbling about mislabeling of seafood and fish fraud.  It’s clear that people are genuinely confused about seafood. We don’t blame them. Recent studies by ocean conservationist group Oceana report that roughly one-third of U.S seafood is mislabeled. Customers unknowingly may get duped when restaurants and grocery stores substitute …

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