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Thresher Shark – Common green

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Product Descriptions

This common thresher is the largest species of thresher shark, family Alopiidae, attaining a maximum known length of 6 m (20 ft). Almost half of that length consists of the elongated upper lobe of its caudal fin. This structure, the source for many a fanciful tale about this shark through history, is employed by the thresher in a whip-like fashion to deliver incapacitating blows to its prey. The common thresher resembles (and has often been confused with) the pelagic thresher (A. pelagicus), which also has a streamlined body, short pointed snout, and modestly sized eyes. It can be distinguished from the latter species by the white of its belly extending in a band over the bases of its pectoral fins.

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Fox Shark, Sea Fox, Swingletail, Whiptail Shark, Thintail Shark
Alopias vulpinus
May - January

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H&G, Loins, Steaks

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global supply
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