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Sea Urchin – LIVE

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Product Descriptions

Each bite of Sea Urchin is full of creamy, briny flavor that melts in your mouth, leaving a lingering ocean taste. Urchin roe is served as Uni when prepared for sushi. It may be prepared in a variety of forms including raw; with rice; and may be preserved in brine, alcohol and salt; as a sauce, in custards and casseroles.

The nutritious roe contain calcium, phosphorus, and iron, plus Vitamins A, B, BZ, Bu, Nicotinic Acid, Pantothenic Acid, Folic Acid and Carotenes.

Each Sea Urchin contains five bright tongues of yellow and orange roe. Color may vary naturally throughout the year depending on many factors including water temperature, diet, seasonal spawning, weather and availability.

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Red Sea Urchin
Strongylocentrotus franciscanus
Year round

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Harvest Area:

global supply
California (San Diego to Ft. Bragg)
Excellent (Click for more info)

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