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Product Descriptions

Sculpin, also known as Scorpion fish on most menus, has made its way to high end, white table cloth dining from San Francisco to Chicago.

This species is found along rocky shorelines and typically lives in waters from 80-300 feet. Sculpin are red to brownish red in appearance. The head is quite large and covered with thorns, but watch out for those dorsal spines! They pack a sting equivalent to bumble bee sting. Chefs must handle this fish with care, although this species yields poorly and is hard to fillet; the prize inside is worth the effort.

Sculpin prey upon smaller fishes, shrimp, small crabs, and Octupus along the ocean floor.

Within the past few years this fish has made a comeback on local menus and is considered great table fare by Top chefs.

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California Scorpionfish, Lupon
Scorpeana Guttata
Spring and Summer

Primary Product Forms

Whole, Fillet Skin on
Day Boat Hook in Line and Hand Nets

Harvest Area:

global supply
California and Baja California
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Soft / Delicate

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