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Scottish Salmon

Scottish Salmon

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Product Descriptions

Scottish Salmon is a high end premium farmed Atlantic salmon prized in Europe and Asia for its high fat content and rich flavor. Market price for this species is generally higher in contrast to its other farmed Atlantic competitors.

There are several open ocean pen and loch operations on the West Coast of Scotland including the surrounding Islands such as the Faroes. These companies have revolutionized the farming industry by constantly improving feed that is more natural and sustainable and producing and rich and valuable protein for consumers.

Scottish Salmon are raised and harvested in colder pristine waters making them more fatty and high in Omega 3's. Desirable market size is 6/7 kilos in the U.S., although most of the Scottish production is shipped to the EU.

Farmed Scottish Salmon
Salmo Salar
Year Round

Primary Product Forms

G&G, H&G
Fillet (Skin on/off)

Harvest Area:

global supply
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Product Profile

Medium - Full

Soft- Medium

Cooking Methods